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Collectors’ Testimonials concerning Harmon Art

Collectors of Harmon Art share their feelings, thoughts and critiques about the art they own painted by Kirt Harmon.

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That painting of Bella is the most precious I have ever seen. Thank you …

The Ship Brooklyn

Hi Kirt,  Last time I looked for Ship Brooklyn pictures, there were none.  As a descendant of Brooklyn pioneers (William Evans) and members of the SB society, I’m so happy to have found your picture (which is beautiful by the way)!  Who commissioned you and where is the original? I’m wondering if you are a… read more

Simeon and the Savior

I just came across your moving and beautiful painting “Simeon and the Savior of the World.”  The event you depict is the subject of the Gospel for Sunday, February 2nd.  I think you have wonderfully captured Simeon’s longed-for encounter with the Messiah and his joy in knowing that God fulfills all of his promises.  I… read more


Everyone who comes to our home loves to see your beautiful work, “Tuscan Peace.” We very much enjoy receiving your newsletter each month. Thank you!

Thank you!

We absolutely love our painting! It brings peace into our home. Many comment on its inviting beauty. Thank you!

I enjoy your monthly newsletters …

Thanks for brightening my life each month with your newsletter.  I always enjoy looking at yourlatest works and I continue to be impressed with your great talent.

Use of light

I love your work, especially your use of light. Thank you for sharing on Facebook … its fun to keep up on what you are doing with your art.

Swiss Days Drawing winner

When I saw your artwork at Swiss Days I thought that it was amazing.You can imagine how excited I am to be the winner of your drawing.

I always enjoy seeing your art …

  I always enjoy seeing your art.  I think the fact that you are still learning is a wonderful personality trait the you have.  One of my Five Life Principles is the Principle of Progression.  I think as Humans, we have so much un-tapped potential that stays dormant until we make an attempt outside the… read more

Christmas Gratitude

Absolutley beautiful! This speaks multitudes of what went on that night and the feelings that hung the in air. Thank you.

I love these new scenes again this month

Kirt the Lord has blessed you with an amazing talent.  Your scenes are simply beautiful and are very inspirational.  I always look forward to hearing how the motivation comes to you for the next creation.  Keep up the great work!  Once again, you have put to canvas some real treasures.  Flyfishing and skiing are my… read more

You inspire me!

Love, Love, LOVE the painting.  You are so amazingly talented.  Love Ya!!!

I cherish your painting, “Trail of Faith”

I cherish this painting. It looks great in our living room. It will forever be a reminder of the sacred experience of serving at Martin’s Cove. It is also a tribute to my great grandma, Margaret Clegg Barnes, and her parents, Jonathan and Ellen Clegg, who were members of the Martin Handcart Company. But even… read more

Your paintings breathe joy and life

I randomly stumbled on your art trying to find a winter background for a work project. Your fence corner with the wagon wheels and the perched bird touched me and I had to look closer. How fun to discover you were an LDS artist with a dazzling array of pieces. I love them all! Every… read more

You create emotions in your paintings

It has been a pleasure getting to know you as a client and as a friend.  I admire you in many ways, and one of those is the feelings that I get when I see your paintings.  You have a very wonderful talent for creating emotions from your paintings.  For example, when I see “Apples… read more

I love the Empty Tomb painting … He Is Risen!

I thoroughly enjoyed your newsletter. I must say that I love the tomb painting. I have always held dear that the tomb is empty-He is risen! That thought And understanding is what carried me through my second son’s death. He was tragically killed in a dairy accident. I was devastated. One day as Easter was… read more

Sweet Story … Beautiful Work!

Wow. You made me cry. I am so touched. The sweet story, the beautiful work, the incredible artist. Thank you for sharing. I for sure would love to have one of your painting in my home. You’re the BEST!!!

I Want Your Art!

Dear Kirt,   I am a friend of your sister, Connie.  She showed me your nativity painting last Christmas, and I fell in love with it.  She forwarded your e-mail to me, and I was excited to see that’s one of your prints you are selling.  I would love to buy one.     Your work… read more

Painting is in the English Room

  Thanks so much for your email.  The story about London is so beautiful.  God has blessed you with so much & your artwork enriches everyone’s lives. The painting you did for my daughter is in our new house in the English room.  The colors are perfect in there.  Good luck with all your endeavors.

Love your painting!

  Thank you so much for including me in your e-mail news letter update. I am so proud of you Kirt for finally making this happen for yourself. You are so talented and I am honored to have one of your paintings hanging up. It is hanging in my mom’s house, English room because it… read more

Touched by your Paintings

My husband told me to look at the e-mail you had sent, so I did.  I wanted to let you know how touched I was by your stories and your paintings.  I appreciate so much the way you express your feelings on how some of your paintings have come together.  Thank you so much for sharing your gift with… read more

Thrilled with Restoration Morning Painting!

Both my wife and I want to thank you for the giclee print of “Restoration Morning” that we gave to our Grandma for her 90th birthday. As it turns out Grandma Shelton has been to the sacred grove and had one of her most spiritual experiences of her 90 years in that spot. She was thrilled to say the least,… read more