Bio, FAQs and Collectors of Harmon Art

As a builder and designer, I continue to enjoy a wonderful career here in Utah. Although I have had no formal art training, my eye for design, perspective and proportion has served me well throughout my life. During the mid-90’s, I suffered a severe back injury that laid me up for several months. During that time of convalescence, I took up painting as a therapeutic way to help me get through that time of incapacitation. I soon discovered that I really enjoyed it and that I had an aptitude for it. I have been painting ever since!

I am, for the most part, self taught. However, I have, for many years, followed and once personally studied with Jerry Yarnell, a nationally acclaimed acrylic painter. He has been the inspiration for my pursuit of painting. In fact, much of my early work was based on his art and public study sessions. Though I have used several mediums, I mostly paint with acrylics these days for health reasons as well as for practical. I have been blessed to be rather well traveled and I love to paint “on the road”, so the acrylic medium suites me best.
I have traditionally painted for myself … what I see, what I feel, for my eyes only. Each of my paintings has a story behind it. Recently however, many have encouraged me to take my work to the public.
I use a very limited palette. I prefer to mix my colors as I go so each piece is unique. The portrayal of light is one of my emphases. I have learned that composition, value structure and contrast are the foundation … the most important elements of my paintings. Adding the color scheme and details are fun, but if I don’t get the foundation right, the painting just doesn’t work! I have also learned that I cannot “force” a painting. The idea and inspiration from which the composition is born, comes at its own pace … sometimes immediately, other times slower than I want. But when it does come, I like to jump on it right away and get it done. It generally doesn’t very long for me to bring a painting to life once the basics are in place.

People tell me that my work has a richness about it and that it brings a positive, uplifting influence into their lives. I am humbled by that description. I sincerely hope that you enjoy my work as much as I have bringing it to you! I am grateful every day that I get to paint and be a dad and a grandpa!


Adams, Alex
Adams, Bert and Amelia
Adams, Kris and Stephanie
Adamson, Brad
Allred, McKell and Glenae
Anderson, Dave and Kimberly
Anderson, Sandi
Alvarez, Jair
Argyle, Allen
Armaral, Dennis
Allred, Jaron
Alsup, Jeremy and Corrine
Arnold, Gwenda
Arnold, Elder Mervyn and Devonna
Arrington, Rachel
Artensian, Ron and Viki
Asper, Megan
Bagley, Joseph
Bachman, Ashley Haderlie
Baldwin, Nate
Ballard, President M. Russell
Bastian, Mike
Bednar, Elder David and Susan
Behunin, Jacob and Crystal
Bell, Dan and Connie
Bell, Matt and Raquel
Bell, Rob and Schaefer
Bell, Tyler and Ashley
Benich, Tony
Bernhardt, Fred
Boehm, Hank and Liz
Boulton, Josh
Bouchard, Mark and Karen
Bouck, Daryl
Bowman, Chris and Jill
Bradshaw, Tom and Joan
Brown, John and Patricia
Brown, Steve
Bruce, Wyoma
Burbidge, Vaughn
Burnett, Misty
Bushnell, Heather
Burwell, James
Campbell, Bob
Cahoon, Laura and John
Call, Ashley
Call, Spencer
Cardon, Elder and Sister
Carter, Gary
Chai, Maui and Kara
Cheal, Diana
Chelemes, Sam
Cheney, Mark and Susan
Child, Eric
Child, Paul and Linda
Cima, Cindy
Craig, Paul and Nadine
Crane, Joe and Janet
Crocker, Derek and Natasha
Dallimore, Nate and Heather
Dalton, Elaine
Davis, Cody and Heather
Davis, Mac and Allison
Dean, Brittany
Dennis, Russell and Rachel
Dutson, Quayle and Sherrie
Edwards, Bradley
Erickson, Bill and Emily
Fisher, Dan and Cherilyn
Fisher, Mark J.
Flegal, Jared
Fors, Dennis
Freeman, Ryan
Gearheart, Scott and Cindy
Geilman, Melissa
Gibbons, Grant
Gregerson, Eugene and Jucara
Golding, Andrea
Gottfredson, Mark and Christine
Goraczkowski, Lance
Grunewald, John
Haderlie, Sybil
Hansen, Brad and Marcie
Hardy, Gloria and Paul
Harmon, Adam and Aubrie
Harmon, Alan and Sylvia
Harmon, Aliza
Harmon, Christine
Harmon, David and Joy
Harmon, Dell and Veva
Harmon, Faith
Harmon, Gaylen
Harmon, Jared
Harmon, Jay
Harmon, Jon and Karla
Harmon, Kyle and Tiffany
Harmon, Layle and Marie
Harmon, Maureen
Harmon, Nathan and Holly
Harmon, Neil and Anese
Harmon, Rob and Heidi
Harmon, Roger and Maxine
Harmon, Russ
Harris, Jared
Harris, Kelli
Hart, Shauna
Harouny, Jake
Hayes, Ralph and Chandra
Tammy K. Harvey
Harris, Kelli
Hawkes, Michael
Hogge, BJ
Hogge, Brent
Hooper, Aubrea and Neil
Hoopes, Jennifer
Hoopes, Alan and Jamielyn
Hoopes, Kathlene
Horne, Jay Dee and Julie
Hove, Justin and Tatiana
Hrncirik, Rachelle and Cory
Hrncirik, Ellie
Hrncirik, Joseph
Hrncirik, Juliana
Hrncirik, Matthew
Hutchings, Marlene
Hyde, Naunie
Ingram, Clayton
Ivory, Clark and Chris
Ivory, Ellis and Katie
Ivory, Abby
Jarrett, John and Sonya
Jensen, Chris
Jergensen, Aarean
Johnson, Robert (Toe)
Jonsson, James
Jackson, Lynnae
Jensen, Chris
Jergensen, Aarean
John, Lewis and Daisy
Jorgenson, Dillon
Jorgensen, Scott and Jodi
Kamanski, Dave
Kearon, Elder Patrick and Jennifer
Kennington, Phil
Keyes, Blake
Keyes, Kelly
Kimball, Bruce and Joyce
Kimball, Quinton and Lindsey
Kimbell, Jeff
Kimber, Sterling and Ellen
Klepper, Ron and Becky
Klundt, JoAnn
Koplin, Richard
Krauss, Kenneth
Lakin, Vicki
Larsen, Sander
Lamb, Derek and Sherrie
Lamb, Virginia
Lancaster, Mandy
Layton, Dr. Monte
Leech, Chris and Terri
Leiter, Rick
Leduc, Susan
Little, Michelle
Lodder, Rachel
Long, Kathryn
Long, Gary and Shannon
Long, Jennifer
Lunceford, Russ and Pat
MacKay, Julie
Maltman, Jim and Marianne
Marrow, Anne
Marshall, Rhett and Stephanie
Martin, Chesley and Judy
Mason, Mark and Tricia
Mason, Michaela
Maw, Jeff and Tibi
Maw, Natalie
Maynes, Mel and Ellen
McEuen, Scott and Anne
MacKay, Julie
McElheney, Chelsea
McSwain, Harry and Jo
Melton, David
Merrill, Chris
Merritt, Dustin
Metcalfe, Justin and Stacie
Michaelis, Cami and Neil
Millard, Duane and Glenda
Miller, Carol
Miller, Missy
Miller, Mr.
Monson, Scott
Moss, Shirley
Morgan, Louie
Neely, Scott
Nelson, President Russell M. and Wendy Watson
Nielson, Allen
Nielson, Art and Winnie
Nilsen, Chelsea
Oliphant, Aisley
Olson, Dave and Wendy
O’Steen, Alyson
Oviatt, Robb and Heather
Owens, Warren and Korin
Parson, John
Perkins, Donna
Pascoe, Camille
Petersen, Joel
Petersen, Katy
Phillips, Keegan
Phister, Jon and Shay
Pino, Thais
Powell, Cherie
Pullman, Jerry and Verlyn
Price, Keenan and Linda
Price, Lane and Jana
Price, Somner
Pyne, Josh
Rast, Tyler
Reese, Dustin and Lindsay
Regenthal, Al and Joy
Remkes, Pete and Sue
Richards, Joseph and Lydia
Riches, Alan and Judy
Ritchie, Garrett
Ritchie, Jay and Paula
Ritchie, Logan
Roberts, Jill
Robinson, Beth
Robinson, John and Candy
Romera, Jenny
Romney, Carli
Ross, Ashley
Ross, George and Janelle
Russell, Alan and Sherrie
Russell, Clint
Russell, Layne and ShaRae
Sanders, Lexi
Schumann, Elray and Christy
Schroeder, Dede and Riley
Seaberg, Jim and Chris
Seguin, Susan
Sessions, Ben
Shaffer, John and Molly
Sirkin, Michael
Simper, Laureen
Smith, Brenda
Smith, Randy
Soffe, Adam and Laura
Solum, Corey
Sorensen, Riley
Spaulding, Gene
Spencer, Todd and Janice
Sperry, Richard
Sprague, Kim and Dena
Staples, Amy
Stillwater, Tyler
Stone, Diane
Stoneman, John and Debbie
Strickland, Stacie
Stuart, Tom
Stucki, Gayle
Tanner, Rachel
Taylor, Brett and Valerie
Taylor, Mark
Tilley, Jared and Marral
Tilley, Terry and Lori
Tingey, Melanie
Todd, Liz
Tonge, Matt and Cathy
Truman, Carl
Tolman, Brad
Tolman, Lisa
Uchtdorf, President and Sister
Van Riej, Shirlene
Vargas, Elizabeth
Venegas, Victor and Cathrine
Voortmeyer, Rob and Sarah
Walker, Bart
Warnock, Jonathan
Warnock, LaDawn
Weaver, Kem and Jen
Weir, Mike
White, Alexandra
Wilcox, Wesley (DDS)
Willey, Daniel
Willey, Marion
Wolf, Alicia
Wolfert, Alexandra
Wolfgramm, Dave and Sue
Woolsey, Garrett
Wright, Gary and Denise
Wright, Chanelle
Wright, Colin
Wright, Emily
Vargo, Beverly
Venz, Jeremy
Wright, Spencer
Youngblood, Christian and Daniele
Zion’s Bank Corp.

My goal with Harmon Art is to provide a resource for developing meaningful and affordable art.