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I love these new scenes again this month

Kirt the Lord has blessed you with an amazing talent.  Your scenes are simply beautiful and are very inspirational.  I always look forward to hearing how the motivation comes to you for the next creation.  Keep up the great work! 

Once again, you have put to canvas some real treasures.  Flyfishing and skiing are my 2-very favorites.  My wife started flyfishing with me last year; and she and I already love to ski together.  We count ourselves very blessed to enjoy 2 of life’s greatest outdoor activities.  We often give thanks for having these 2-wonderful hobbies to bless our lives.  It’s wonderful to know you love these things as well and are a master at depicting them with a brush and canvas …not to mention you get out and do them very well!   You have an added dimension with your art to more fully appreciate the best things nature has to offer. 

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