24.00"x36.00" Acrylic on canvas, unframed


Description of The Ship Brooklyn

I have had the recent privilege of participating in the design and construction of a replica of the cutter ship “Brooklyn” at “This is the Place Heritage Park” in Salt Lake City. It will be a “hands on” experience for children to learn about this “almost forgotten” part of the Mormon Pioneer story.

238 east coast pioneers left New York aboard the “Brooklyn” about the same time as Brigham Young left Nauvoo. They sailed around the horn of South America and landed six months later in Yerba Buena, California (today’s San Francisco). Many of them continued on east to Utah, but some stayed in California.

I was asked to do this painting of the Brooklyn for the display at This the Place Heritage Park. I did a lot of research to understand more about this type of ship before attempting to paint it. It has been a fascinating experience for me. I have been humbled as I have come to know of the sacrifices made and hardships endured by these early pioneers. Their faith and devotion is inspiring.

My hope is that this painting will be a catalyst to help us remember our heritage and to reverence those who have gone before. We are certainly the beneficiaries of their commitment and sacrifice.


Kirt Harmon
Shawn ... I would love to make you a giclee canvas print of my painting of the Ship Brooklyn. Please let me know what size you would like it to be. Printing is about .30 per square inch so it is totally a function of size. Let me know and I will get right on it. Very kind regards, Kirt Harmon 801.520.9119 harmonart@live.com
Shawn Boyle
One of my ancestors, William Glover and his family, was on the ship Brooklyn. Where can I obtain a copy of this painting for my home?

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