30.00"x22.00" Acrylic on canvas, framed


Description of The Hawn’s Mill Settlement circa October 1838

This piece depicts what the Hawn’s Mill settlement may have looked like in the fall of 1838. In 1835, Jacob Hawn, not a Mormon, built and operated the mill located on Shoal Creek, a tributary of the Grand River in Western Missouri. Jacob seemed to welcome the Mormons when no one else would because he viewed them as new clientele. History suggests that there were several structures built by the Mormon settlers, along with several other temporary shelters scattered about the settlement. This settlement is where the tragic Hawn’s Mill Massacre occurred on October 30, 1838.

I have had the opportunity to participate as an artist in the upcoming Commemoration of the Hawn’s Mill massacre of 1838.This piece is one of three that I have provided for the cause.

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