18.00"x24.00" Acrylic on canvas, unframed


Description of Nathan’s Buddies

20 years ago, Nathan and I had the privilege of our first Alaska adventure, compliments of Gary Wright. He and his son, Colin, invited us to go with them to the Kenai Peninsula. One of the fishing adventures was to take a float plane across the Cook Inlet to a lake where Sockeye salmon were migrating upstream into a little creek to spawn.

We were not the only fishers there … several brown bears were also interested in the tasty denizens. These two characters entertained us almost the entire day. Nathan even had a confrontation with them over one of his fish!

This year, Nathan and I returned again to Alaska together for another fly fishing adventure! We didn’t have any intimate encounters with bears this trip like in years past, but one bear did find us curious enough to check us out several times during our wade into his “fishing grounds”. He was just leery enough of us to give us “wide birth” though. It was fun to know that he was always around and interested in what we were doing!

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