18.00"x24.00" Acrylic on canvas, unframed


Description of Milford Sound

I think Milford Sound is one of the most beautiful places on our planet! Maureen and I had the opportunity to visit here during our trip to New Zealand last year. The scenery is just spectacular! At first I was a little hesitant to try to paint such a place because I wasn’t sure if I could do it justice. I actually tried to paint it soon after we returned home but I did not like how it turned out, so that iteration is now just a layer of paint under one of my other paintings! I learned a bunch from that first try, however, and was finally satisfied with the way this one turned out.

We were able to fly out of this gorge in a helicopter all the way back to Queenstown. It took us 4 hours to get there by bus but only 30 minutes back via helicopter. The wind was blowing, it was raining (even snowing at altitude) which only added to the excitement of the ride. I have to say that was the highlight of our trip for me … indescribable beauty! Hope you all get to go there someday!

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