18"x36" Acrylic on canvas, framed


Description of Mary Fielding Smith’s Millcreek Farm circa 1850

Mary Fielding Smith was an amazing pioneer woman. When she arrived in the Salt Lake Valley, she was given a plot of land in the heart of the new settlement. For this she was grateful, but this was not her dream. The next day she mounted her horse and road south to what would be eventually be known as the Millcreek area. There she found a crystal clear artesian spring on a gentle rolling foothill … this would become her new home. She carved out a little homestead and farm, where she built an adobe home (which has been moved to This is the Place Heritage Park in SLC and still stands with many of her pioneer artifacts inside). Though nothing more of her homestead exists on this site today, this scene is my rendition of what it may have looked like in 1850. I was asked by Glenn Rawson to render this painting for their upcoming documentary on Mary Fielding Smith. It will air on their “History of the Saints” TV program sometime this Spring. This was a very special and inspiring painting experience for me.

Limited Edition giclee canvas prints are also available for $194 (36″ x 18″). contact me for details …

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Kelli Harris
I would love a framed Mary Fielding Smith Farm painting. Let me know how I may do this. Thanks so much.

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