16"x12" Acrylic on canvas, framed

Not for sale

Description of Jaxin in Paradise

This past few weeks, my grandsons have loved to go out in the backyard and practice their fly casting skills. I tied a piece of cotton on the end of an old leader and line, and let them try to hit a target on the lawn. Finally one day, they said, “Grandpa, we are tired of “fake” fishing … we want to go “real” fishing. Well, who could say, “no” to that?! So, I grabbed a couple of rods and we flew up to Paradise, Utah to fish for a couple of hours. The boys were intrigued being able to watch the fish accept or reject their fly (mostly reject at first). I told to them to be patient … that fish were a lot like kids and could be picky eaters sometimes. After changing the fly several times after several rejections, we finally found one that worked. After hooking the fish, Jaxin turned to me and said, “Well, Grandpa, we finally found out what the children like!” The expression of pure joy on his face when we landed his first fish was priceless! I just had to come home and paint the experience!

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