18"x24" Acrylic on canvas, unframed


Description of Autumn shadows

This is a little study I did in preparation of my upcoming 2020 curriculum for my painting class at the Liberty Hills Academy. As the instructor, I receive several ideas each month from students and others from which I develop our reference material. This one was inspired by Jerry Yarnell when he painted his version of a similar scene. I decided to give it a try because I had several students who wanted to learn more about shadows. This one will be fun to teach.

Giclee canvas prints are also available for $130 (18″ x 24″). Contact me for details …


Kirt Harmon
Somner, So good to hear from you. I will get this painting ready for you, and take it to your parents' home. It will be the original ... glad it will ve in your home! Kind regards, Kirt
Somner Price
Hey, Kirt. It was so good to see you while we were visiting in Utah. I mean’t to ask how Justin is? I don’t do social media, so I do miss out on people’s updates. We have chosen this one, it was tough, but it reminds of us of several things and will compliment our home wonderfully. It will be nice to have a touch of you in our home.

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