18.00"x24.00" Acylic on canvas, unframed


Description of Shine On II

I have the opportunity to teach a group art class each week. During one of our sessions last month, several students wanted to know how to paint a moon scape in low light conditions. As I began showing them some techniques, we began to compose this scene. Everyone liked the concept so much, I went home and painted it. We are now using it as the subject for our June classes.

Painting something that is not really there or something in low light conditions can be very challenging. Very subtle light changes are the key to this type of painting.

I have now painted several lighthouses through the years. They are a beloved symbol of hope and guidance for us as we navigate through this mortal experience. Even is our darkest hours, we can find glimpses of light to help us find our way. The power of darkness is simply the absense of light. Light always wins. Enjoy …

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