15.00"x30.00" Acrylic on canvas, framed


Description of Quincy, Illinois (circa 1840)

I have had another opportunity to participate as an artist in a commemorative work related to early LDS church history, working with Glenn Rawson of the History of the Saints TV program.

Some history … after Governor Boggs of Missouri issued the extermination order in 1838, the saints were driven from Missouri and sought refuge across the Mississippi River in Illinois. The good people of Quincy were among the only ones who would give quarter and refuge to them. They literally saved their lives!

The LDS church will be placing a permanent exhibit in the new Municipal Visitors Center in downtown Quincy, Illinois this spring as an official thank you to the people of the Quincy area for the kindness of their ancestors so many years ago.

In this painting (one of two in this body of work), I was able to render how the downtown area may have looked circa 1840.

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