11"x14" Acrylic on canvas board, framed


Description of National Pride

Our great nation has been torn by social unrest, world-wide pandemic, and an economic collapse, the likes of which has rarely been seen before. We are all weary of misrepresentation, inequality, and misunderstanding. Unfortunately, the record will never be set straight in this life, so we are all left to try to work together for the greater good.

The freedom we all refer to and love has not come without a cost. From the moment the founding fathers conceived and forged our young nation, there was conflict to recognize, confront, and resolve. The sacred battle for agency is not new to this world … it is what was fought for before this life and will be what we fight for until the Savior himself puts an end to corruption, disappointment, tears, and fear.

Until then, our battle cry is and must be, “freedom and equality for all”. This does not mean we have to all agree with each other all of the time, rather that we understand each other and respect each other all of the time. Resolving conflict with hate, violence or revenge never works. These are the adversary’s tools. … his goal is to enslave and take away agency. He wants us to be like him … alone, discouraged, incapable of feeling joy, filthy, without friends or family. On the other hand, our Father wants us to be like him, too, … full of love, compassion, tolerance, and experiencing never ending happiness. His goal is to liberate and protect agency.

Let’s do our best to be tolerant and accepting , while being valiant to protect our precious freedom. This little painting is a reminder for me that we are the stewards of agency and freedom worldwide.

Limited edition giclee canvas prints are available for $56 (11″x 14″) … contact me for details.


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