18"x24" Acrylic on canvas, unframed


Description of N6415A

Pat and Lisa Robbins own and operate the Italio River Adventures guide service near Yakutat, Alaska. It has become one of my favorite fly fishing trips. I have also become quite good friends with the Robbins family. They are such good people and fun to be around. I asked Pat if there was any particular scene that I could paint for them as a thank you for such good times they provide for me and my family. He knew immediately which photo he would like to have me put on canvas. It is of his dad and plane earlier in his life with Mount Fairweather in the background. This mountain range has the greatest rise in the world from sea level to the summits of it’s many peaks … many exceeding 18,000 feet. Pat’s dad does not fly anymore so this piece will bring them some good memories I hope.

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