22.00"x30.00" Acrylic on canvas, unframed


Description of Light in the Forest

Several years ago Maureen and I had the opportunity to visit an old growth forest in the Pacific Northwest. When the group we were with began our hike into this unique area, the mood was upbeat and jovial. As we entered deeper into the woods, our talk turned into whispers and eventually silenced reigned! The forest canopy was over 500 feet tall … we felt quite insignificant in comparison to our surroundings.

Very little light even filtered onto the forest floor because of the dense canopy. When it did, however, it was dramatic and inspiring! The reverence there was overpowering. It was an incredible experience that we will not soon forget.

Since then, my daughter and her little family have moved near the Seattle area. When we visit them and see the surrounding beauty, I get the same feelings of awe that I felt so many years before in that old growth forest.

I have wanted to capture that feeling on canvas … I finally had the courage to try. Here is my rendition of “Light in the Forest”.

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