18.00"x24.00" Acrylic on canvas, unframed


Description of Bella

My friend asked if I would be willing to do a painting of their young English Bulldog, Bella, who recently passed away due to complications with cancer. I love doing animal portraits so I jumped at the opportunity!

I had never tried to paint an animal with so many wrinkles before … it truly was a challenge! However, I learned a lot, not only about the “how to’s” of trial and error, but also about the bulldog breed in general. In the process, I discovered that several other friends also have bulldogs as pets.

I certainly hope that this painting will bring comfort and closure to the family along with some good memories of Bella during the short time they had with her.

If any of you would like a portrait of your pet, please don’t hesitate to call me … I would love to help you!

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