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New Pricing for Special Sizes of Giclee Canvas Prints

by Kirt Harmon in New Offers and Updates
Good news … I have arranged some special pricing for the following giclee canvas print sizes (if the original print is larger than the size indicated, simply use the conversion chart to determine the right proportion for this new size schedule):
      New size      Conversion from:                Price
      12″ x 12″      any square format                 $ 89.00
      12″ x 16″      18″ x 24″ or 30″ x 22″           $ 99.00
      12″ x 15″      16″ x 20″                              $ 99.00  
      12″ x 24″      36″ x 18″ or 30″ x 15″           $149.00   
I have done several of these new sizes and they are wonderful options that can fit into any budget! Call or contact me if you have any questions.

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